About Vistage

Dedicated to enhancing the lives and improving the effectiveness of CEOs and key executives.

Vistage is the leading business advisory and executive coaching organization.

It is a powerful resource calibrated for CEOs, small business owners and key executives who are driven to achieve next-level results for their companies, their leadership teams and themselves.

Over our 65-year history, we have built the most comprehensive suite of services, leadership resources and experts to help executives:

As a result, our members — 45,000 strong across 35 countries — gain better insights, make better decisions, become more effective leaders and achieve better results.

The Vistage story: 65+ years of cultivating success

Businessman Bob Nourse With Milwaukee-area Executives

In 1957, businessman Bob Nourse brought together several Milwaukee-area executives to share their collective knowledge and experiences to help each other generate better results for their businesses. He made sure members were from non-competing industries and kept their conversations confidential. When a question eluded the group’s knowledge base, he brought in experts to share their perspective. The formula worked: Members of Nourse’s group made better decisions, achieved greater results and outperformed their competition.

Nourse’s formula spurred such remarkable success that it wasn’t long before his humble Midwestern business became a thriving international company. Today, Vistage serves more than 45,000 CEOs, business owners and key executives across 35 countries.

Though our core platform of group meetings and one-to-one Chair coaching has withstood the test of time, we keep our finger on the pulse of a rapidly evolving business climate. From partnering with The Wall Street Journal to deliver timely, actionable market research to fostering global industry partnerships through our Networks program, we meet our members where they are, today.

The past 65 years have seen Vistage grow and evolve to serve our increasingly diverse and sophisticated member businesses. But before we make any change, however small, we ask whether we’re staying true to Bob Nourse’s vision: To help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities.

The Vistage model works: Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, according to a 2017 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data.
Vistage Member Companies Grew 2.2 Times

The Vistage member experience — proven to propel businesses to their next level. 65+ years of honing what works best.

Exclusive peer advisory board: Informed perspectives, no agendas.
Confidentially discuss your most pressing business concerns with an elite group of 12-16 business leaders from non-competing industries.

One-to-one executive coaching: This is all about you.
Meet one-on-one each month with your coach, an accomplished business leader driven focused on your challenges. Reap the benefit of their experience.

World-class speakers: Ignite inspiration.
Learn from thought leaders who challenge your thinking and offer innovative approaches to developing your business and yourself.

Trusted community: Network smarter, not harder.
Connect to subject-matter experts across the world on demand. Search by industry, function or geography. Get reliable advice, find a trusted referral or make a deal.

Reaching unprecedented levels

This Vistage member received an urgent request from BP to quadruple production of his company’s oil-skimming boats to help clean up the worst oil spill in history. With advice from his Vistage CEO board, Keith Whittmore scaled production to unprecedented levels — and even exceed BP’s expectations.

Exclusively for CEOs, business owners and key executives.

Vistage members control businesses with annual sales ranging from $1M to over $1B, representing the most vital component of the economy. Globally, Vistage member companies generate nearly $300B in annual revenue, and employ approximately 2 million people.

Member Industries

Vistage members represent nearly every industry.
This chart shows the proportion of members by
major industry classification

Chart For The Proportion Of Vistage Members By Primary Industry

Sales Revenue

for Vistage member companies

Sales Revenue for Vistage member companies

Number of Employees

The average number of employees in
Vistage-member companies is 188.
The median number of employees is 53.

Employee Numbers In Vistage-member Companies

Our results-driven members are responsive and supportive of each other. They put ego aside and apply the necessary rigor in the pursuit of excellence. And that’s a key factor in what sets Vistage apart.

From deficit to surplus

As the Executive Director of United Blood Services of New Mexico, Elizabeth Waltman had to overcome an unexpected $3M shortfall. Learn how her Vistage CEO peers helped her go from deficit to surplus.